LANSERRING Dressing Room  

November 3rd, 2020

A bespoke LANSERRING Dressing Room is the most luxurious and intimate space in your home. It is the inner sanctum: a mysterious, elegant gallery of the many versions of yourself.

By introducing the LANSERRING Dressing Room product and service, we meet a growing demand to bring our emotional design thinking and exceptional attention to detail to the dressing spaces of clients around the world. LANSERRING designs are works of art made to be lived in; they are deeply personal, with every component designed and crafted bespoke; they tell a story about the individual. In this vein, the dressing room feels like a natural space for us to enter: a space that celebrates the individual in all their variety and complexity.

In the morning, you enter your dressing room and the natural earthy perfume of the rich timber panelling makes you feel grounded and welcomed into the day. To your side is a velvet upholstered loveseat and subtly concealed coffee and drinks station, where you pause to consider your style and mood for the day. Transforming before your eyes, mirrored walls become transparent crystal as the lights rise in the clothes storage space within. You peruse the neatly arranged clothes: warm merino, pearlescent silk, squishy cashmere and fine cottons, neatly outlined by brass fronted shelving. The perfectly fitted cupboards are temperature-controlled to keep your special vintage collection pristine. An integrated sound system plays your custom dressing room playlist. This is an organised, sleek, confident space, designed with you in mind at each step. Every feature was made bespoke and the colour palette has been finely tuned to your home and your style. Here in your inner sanctum, you transform, emerging renewed, self-assured and steady.

LANSERRING’s reputation in luxury craftsmanship is undisputed. We have been delivering exquisitely crafted, soulful spaces for nearly a century. In our Riegersburg workshop, we leverage an expert blend of traditional techniques and precision engineering, while our London-based designers specialise in luxury furniture design that augments these capabilities and revels in the sensuality of fine craftsmanship. Our products are intensely personal, richly detailed and utterly flawless. The dressing room presents a wonderful opportunity for the LANSERRING brand to flourish: delivering distinctive, exquisitely crafted transformative spaces. Let us delight you.

The LANSERRING Scent by Soveral  

August 27th, 2020

In an exclusive bespoke blend by Soveral, we are delighted to announce the new LANSERRING scent. When we first embarked on a journey to embody LANSERRING in a scent, we discovered a natural synergy with Soveral. We share a deeply-held respect for the principles of craftsmanship and the natural materials with which we work. Our new fragrance is a luxurious celebration of this ethos. Freshly cut timber, clean smooth marble, and natural wood oils are brought to life by artisanal excellence.

We gave master perfumer Alexandra Soveral an interesting creative challenge when we commissioned the LANSERRING scent. We wanted to evoke the Austrian heritage of our brand and the raw materials of our designs, both whilst complimenting the aromas of food cooking in the kitchen. She rose to the task with the true grace of a craftperson and created a scent that captured the LANSERRING soul.

The master perfumer blended fresh woody oils of cypress and fragonia with earthy notes of vetiver, evoking the natural woodland that surrounds our workshop in Riegersburg.

Virtual Tour Experience  

July 9th, 2020

Our virtual tour brings the LANSERRING experience to your home. One of our expert designers will take you on a live personal tour of our showroom via Zoom. They will be able to share a detailed look at our showpieces and talk you through the material samples we have on-location. You will then be able to discuss and develop your ideas for your own project with your dedicated LANSERRING designer who will follow up on the meeting with detailed minutes alongside original sketches and plans. Get in touch to arrange your virtual tour.

The House Guest Podcast by Country & Town House  

July 8th, 2020

From our home to yours – we were delighted to be interviewed for The House Guest Podcast by Country & Town House.

Listen to Carole Annett‘s conversation with LANSERRING CEO Bernd Radaschitz and Director of Design Alex Beaugeard, where they discuss design as well as our brand history and heritage. Learn more about our concept to completion design ethos, customer aspirations and life in the Radaschitz family’s Austrian home!

The LANSERRING Design Team Sketch Challenge  

June 9th, 2020

Recently on our Instagram page, we challenged the LANSERRING design team members to sketch an innovative design detail for a new kitchen. We left the brief for the challenge deliberately broad to allow their imaginations and individual styles to flourish, providing an insight into our harmonised creative process.

At LANSERRING, our designers work to a set of house Design Principles but have the freedom to create anew for every client. We are not a system brand; we don’t work with building block pieces to construct patchwork products. Each LANSERRING kitchen is a complete custom build, with original and deeply personal creations for each client.⁠

In this social media challenge, you can see our Design Principles at work. They infuse a sense of harmony across our portfolio. We design with signature materials from trusted suppliers and execute with specialised master craftsmanship. The end results embody the LANSERRING spirit, but feel completely new and personal.⁠

The LANSERRING Toolbox  

June 9th, 2020

In rich American walnut, gleaming brass and luxurious fabric, we introduce our new feature product: the LANSERRING Toolbox. ⁠

Showcasing the excellence of LANSERRING craftsmanship in every detail, it strikes the considered balance between functionality and style. Invisible screws secure the hinges of a cantilever system that glides open to reveal thoughtfully designed dividers. Brass engraved labels designate compartments for the cutlery required for a three-course menu, as well as bespoke salt and pepper grinders. In the lower compartment, the LANSERRING Authenticity Card and USB guide is proudly positioned.⁠

Our reinterpretation of the traditional toolbox is designed with a LANSERRING kitchen in mind. Opening wide so that all compartments are visible, the toolbox can be stored neatly within a kitchen drawer. There, its contents remain neatly accessible until it is clicked back into its folded shape and transported to the outdoors or dining table when necessary.⁠⠀

An exquisite accessory to your kitchen, the toolbox perfectly embodies our philosophy. It is a paradigm of functional design rendered in elegant materials and executed with unparalleled craftsmanship. During the design process for the toolbox, we focused on your experience of your kitchen, looking out for ways in which we could enhance your everyday. We created a product that both soothes a pain point – laying the table – and elevates the ordinary with style and grace.

Hampstead House  

June 9th, 2020

Creating a space that feels calm and yet inspiring requires balance. The equilibrium of textures, tones and materials are critical to the success of our work.

The simple palette we developed for our Hampstead House project explores that notion of balance, using the formal structure of straight grain oak and brushed aged brass to contrast against the lively marble and playful handle details. Although the timber is stained in rich bitter chocolate tones, the associated greens in the Calacatta Arabescata marble and the aged brass help to bring the warmth of the tones into play.⁠

In the brief, our client asked us to explore rhythm through the language of geometry. ⁠It was only the unparalleled skill of our master craftsmen that allowed our studio team to leverage light, shadow, space, angle and motion in their playful use of material and form. The fine and consistent joint lines featured across the timber panelling yield a feeling of calm order and clarity.⁠ Juxtaposed with this geometric precision, we also drew inspiration from the soft raw veining of the marble. A timeless material, it adds an elegance and sophistication to this well-balanced ensemble.

Elle Decoration Coverage  

June 2nd, 2020

In their June 2020 issue, Elle Decoration published a feature on LANSERRING’s kitchen design for the Old Kings College property. The project showcases our craftsmanship at its finest, including a masterful workstation island and a magnificent glass-fronted pantry, both pictured. Elle describes the kitchen as “a space that’s now perfectly designed for entertaining, with luxurious touches of marble and brass”.

Designed in collaboration with Studio Vero, Elle focuses on our elegant and soulful palette. We selected a deep brushed indigo veneer on the cabinets to harmonise with the craggy textures of the raw materials used. The floor and worktops come from the same block of golden Calacatta marble, echoing aged brass accents throughout the space. A sculptural theme plays across the features of this space, lending it a rhythm and aesthetic balance with its functional context and synchronising it with the eclectic wider home.⁠ 

We are delighted to feature as part of the story of this beautiful property.

Riegersburg Castle  

November 23rd, 2019

Our goal is to preserve this landmark of Styria, but also to actively shape it

Dr. Prince Emanuel vuz Liechtenstein

The Riegersburg Castle was built atop an ancient volcano, by a noble knight named Rudiger von Hohenberg, with its first mention dating back to 1138. The original structure was built as a lookout due to its unique location having a distinct advantage – only one side needed defending, as the other three sides have a sheer drop. Throughout the history of the castle, it is has offered shelter to locals during times of intense conflict.  In modern day, the Riegersburg Castle is still being used to serve the locals, focusing on entertainment and education. It has been lovingly cared for by the Lichtenstein family since 1822, and 25 of its 108 rooms have been turned into a public museum.  In 1987 the family collaborated with the Provincial government to install a permanent exhibition about witches and wizards and open the castle up to the public. Since then, they have expanded the exhibitions to include the history of the castle and its weaponry.

In addition to the exhibitions, you can see a spectacular bird of prey reception at the top of the Riegersburg Castle where golden eagles, griffon vultures, and snowy owls and many others take flight. The tavern, located near the top of the castle, provides panoramic views where you can enjoy local food and beverages, as well as a children’s playground. As the highest point in the town, the castle can be seen from where ever you are in Riegersburg. Visitors can access the castle multiple ways;

  • By walking around 20 minutes along the castle path, through several ancient archways.
  • By Panoramic lift, with breath-taking views over Riegersburg town
  • Thrill-seekers can scale the side of the mountain via ferrata 

Founders of LANSERRING, Bernd and Johann Radaschitz, grew up at the foot of this mighty castle, friends with the Lichtenstein family who own it. Its grandeur and style have been a constant source of inspiration for our bespoke joinery, since the workshops founding 1923.

Bentley x Bloomberg | Crafting Excellence  

October 31st, 2019

Speaking to our love of family values and commitment to authentic design, we were delighted to be interviewed by Bloomberg for Bentley Motors’ latest campaign, around crafting excellence. “The Tale of Two Joiners” is an insightful interview with LANSERRING co-founders, Bernd and Johannes Radaschitz, detailing the origins around our standard of crafting excellence, and the creative exploration that is integral to our bespoke projects.

An excerpt from the article:

“The brothers’ success working with cutting-edge technology to craft natural materials at their Austrian workshop and their design studio in London’s Notting Hill, has enabled them to build two successful businesses, Lanserring and Interior-iD, under the umbrella of the Radaschitz Group. Their commitment to creating unique, precision-built handcrafted interiors has won them a growing number of clients.”