Lanserring designs and manufactures custom-made kitchens, furniture and lifestyle products for discerning clients around the world. The company was born of the shared vision of some of the design industry’s most original thinkers and experienced artisans. Our passion for design and craftsmanship informs every facet of our work. We offer a truly bespoke concept-to-completion service – each commission is an opportunity to create something new; a journey, tailored to reflect the tastes and lifestyle of our clients.

behind the brand

Lanserring is owned by brothers Bernd and Johann Radaschitz, who also run a family joinery business established by their great-grandfather in 1923.  The team consists of a synergistic collection of people whose energy, flair and vision make them key figures in the world of design.

Bernd and Johann Radaschitz are fourth-generation master craftsmen who own a state-of-the art joinery workshop at the foot of Riegersburg Castle in Austria and founded London-based project management company INTERIOR-iD in 2006. Their precision-engineered cabinetry solutions have been commissioned by respected designers including Martin Kemp and Katharine Pooley, as well as high profile developers including Finchatton and Candy & Candy (One Hyde Park). From London to Shanghai and Monaco to Manhattan, the Radaschitz brothers have become a global authority in luxury joinery.

Lanserring, provides a truly bespoke concept- to- completion service tailored to reflect the vision and lifestyle of their clients



In the shadow of Riegersburg Castle in Austria, past, present and future merge. In 1923, Johann Radaschitz founded his joinery business; today, a stone’s throw from the original site, his great grandchildren continue his legacy. The Radaschitz brothers have found the perfect mix of heritage and innovation, remaining committed to traditional techniques while investing heavily in 21st-century technology. The local area is now a burgeoning centre of excellence for artisanship and continues to attract world-class expertise; our position at the heart of this community gives us access to a rich pool of talent and ingenuity.


The Experience 

We offer an inspiring service to homeowners and industry professionals alike. A dedicated design and project management team is assigned to each commission and is responsible for its success, from the first meeting to the final handover. We create solutions that strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality and quality. Each design responds to the individual, resulting in a product that is truly unique. Many of our clients cite their visit to our inspiring Materials Gallery as one of the highlights of their Lanserring journey; others even travel to Austria to witness their furniture being crafted in our Riegersburg workshops.


An appointment at our design studios in London’s Notting Hill or Vienna’s Neubau district provides a glimpse into the unique world of Lanserring. We have created a dynamic environment in which our designers, project managers and furniture engineers have the freedom to pool ideas and share expertise. Our team is made up of the industry’s leading lights and they are all invested in a common goal: to make beautiful products whose quality speaks for itself.



Combining traditional craft with innovative precision engineering, our family run workshops are based at the foot of the Riegersburg Castle in Austria. It is the only place in the world that can make everything that we envision in our London design studio. Lanserring represents luxury craft and creative ambition. Our workshop expresses these values in every project made.

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