LANSERRING Launching in New York  

April 23rd, 2021

We are delighted to announce that LANSERRING is coming to New York. 

New York has been part of our vision for LANSERRING from its inception. From our headquarters in London, we have achieved a global brand reputation within the luxury property industry but our New York showroom will allow our American friends and clients to experience our latest designs closer to home. 

LANSERRING unites the world’s greatest design talent with best-in-class craftsmanship. We are currently working on projects on every continent. Our international community has been the making of us, and we look forward to strengthening those relationships with this next chapter in our story.

The LANSERRING New York showroom will open in Summer 2021.

International Property Awards – Interior Design Website  

April 16th, 2021

We are honoured to share that we have won an award in the category of Interior Design Website at the International Property Awards 2020-2021.
Creating stories is at the heart of our work at LANSERRING, and so it is delightful to hear that this comes out in many different ways.⁠ Our website is the best place to discover the LANSERRING story, with musings on our blog and case study photographs in our portfolio.

The LANSERRING Hallmark  

April 9th, 2021

Introducing the new LANSERRING hallmark: a symbol of our pride, the final flourish of our brush on the canvas. Originally inspired by a topographical map of Riegersburg, our final design honours the natural grain of raw wood and amorphous veining of marble.

⁠A LANSERRING kitchen is the embodiment of the passion of our designers and devotion of our craftsmen. It is our pleasure to put our signature on such a piece of work.

The LANSERRING Service Tray  

April 2nd, 2021

In the latest addition to the LANSERRING Lifestyle collection and following the warm reception received by the LANSERRING Toolbox, we present the LANSERRING Service Tray. Designed with a Sunday morning in mind, this tray is perfect for carrying your tea or coffee set through to the family breakfast table. 

The LANSERRING Service Tray is an oiled American walnut frame housing magnetic dividers which can be removed or adjusted to secure your chinaware. Both the wood and textured fabric lining can be matched to your bespoke LANSERRING kitchen.⁠

To commission a LANSERRING Service Tray for your home, please contact us.

International Property Awards – Kitchen Design  

March 26th, 2021

We are delighted to have accepted a Kitchen Design Award for our ‘Old Kings College’ project at the International Property Awards 2020-2021. 

The kitchen at the Old Kings College is a complete custom build, with original and personal creations for our client. The final composition is soulful and elegant. The deep brushed indigo veneer on the cabinets harmonises with the craggy textures of the raw materials used. The floor and worktops come from the same block of golden Calacatta marble, echoing aged brass accents throughout the space. A sculptural theme plays across the features of this space, lending it a rhythm and aesthetic balance with its functional context and synchronising it with the eclectic wider home.

It is an honour to receive such recognition alongside our collaborators Studio Vero and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported our work over the years.

The Breakfast Cupboard  

March 16th, 2021

The breakfast cupboard in our Barnes House kitchen tells a story through craftsmanship.

Positioned near the island’s bar stools, it has its own internal worktop and plenty of pull-out storage for cereals, bread and dried foods. The drawers feature traditional finger joints and are detailed to look like autumnal storage for picked fruit, allowing the air to circulate and prevent spoiling. 

A LANSERRING kitchen is a work of art designed to be lived in. Functioning as a stage for family life, its features must complement and support your lifestyle. To the curious eye, a piece like this Breakfast Cupboard makes a statement about our client’s values and family. It is dynamic and organised, hard-working and tasteful.

Though a substantial piece, it is colour-matched to the surrounding walls and woodwork and subsequently almost melts away into the background.⁠

A Story of Two Halves  

February 1st, 2021

In a LANSERRING Interview Series Special, we are delighted to present ‘A Story of Two Halves’, a new interview with the founders of LANSERRING, Bernd and Johann Radaschitz.

Before LANSERRING, there was INTERIOR-iD. The Radaschitz’s first business helped them make their names in luxury design through fine craftsmanship. Now part of The LANSERRING Group, INTERIOR-iD continues to serve internationally renowned designers and property developers while the newer LANSERRING brand unites established crafting excellence with specialist in-house design talent and a striking signature aesthetic.

With a focus on kitchens, the design-led LANSERRING label has set a new standard in contemporary luxury for discerning clients across the globe. Every LANSERRING creation is a complete custom build, weaving a narrative about the taste and lifestyle of the client. The end result embodies the LANSERRING spirit but feels completely new and personal. In Bernd Radaschitz’s words, LANSERRING creates handmade stories.

‘A Story of Two Halves’ touches on Bernd and Johann’s childhood living above the family workshops in Riegersburg and explores their fraternal equilibrium before tracing their path towards starting LANSERRING together.

LANSERRING Dressing Room  

November 3rd, 2020

A bespoke LANSERRING Dressing Room is the most luxurious and intimate space in your home. It is the inner sanctum: a mysterious, elegant gallery of the many versions of yourself.

By introducing the LANSERRING Dressing Room product and service, we meet a growing demand to bring our emotional design thinking and exceptional attention to detail to the dressing spaces of clients around the world. LANSERRING designs are works of art made to be lived in; they are deeply personal, with every component designed and crafted bespoke; they tell a story about the individual. In this vein, the dressing room feels like a natural space for us to enter: a space that celebrates the individual in all their variety and complexity.

In the morning, you enter your dressing room and the natural earthy perfume of the rich timber panelling makes you feel grounded and welcomed into the day. To your side is a velvet upholstered loveseat and subtly concealed coffee and drinks station, where you pause to consider your style and mood for the day. Transforming before your eyes, mirrored walls become transparent crystal as the lights rise in the clothes storage space within. You peruse the neatly arranged clothes: warm merino, pearlescent silk, squishy cashmere and fine cottons, neatly outlined by brass fronted shelving. The perfectly fitted cupboards are temperature-controlled to keep your special vintage collection pristine. An integrated sound system plays your custom dressing room playlist. This is an organised, sleek, confident space, designed with you in mind at each step. Every feature was made bespoke and the colour palette has been finely tuned to your home and your style. Here in your inner sanctum, you transform, emerging renewed, self-assured and steady.

LANSERRING’s reputation in luxury craftsmanship is undisputed. We have been delivering exquisitely crafted, soulful spaces for nearly a century. In our Riegersburg workshop, we leverage an expert blend of traditional techniques and precision engineering, while our London-based designers specialise in luxury furniture design that augments these capabilities and revels in the sensuality of fine craftsmanship. Our products are intensely personal, richly detailed and utterly flawless. The dressing room presents a wonderful opportunity for the LANSERRING brand to flourish: delivering distinctive, exquisitely crafted transformative spaces. Let us delight you.


October 16th, 2020

In celebration of our collaboration, the new episode of the LANSERRING Interview Series features Laurie Timpson of Savernake Knives

Laurie was an officer in the Scots Guards and worked across Africa and Southeast Asia in mine clearance, emergency relief, gold exploration and power generation. Shaped by these experiences, his perspectives on craftsmanship and excellence were fascinating to discuss.


October 2nd, 2020

It is our pleasure to introduce LANSERRING’s new collaboration: an exclusive set of four knives designed in collaboration with Savernake Knives. Together, we have infused the spirit of LANSERRING into these high-performance tools for your kitchen.We were honoured to work with Savernake Knives, whose world-class products are used by Michelin starred chefs and discerning private persons alike.

Laurie Timpson and his small team are craftsmen after our own hearts, utterly devoted to excellence. Based in an old sawmill on the fringes of the Savernake Forest in Wiltshire, they use a combination of aerospace technology and artisanal techniques to put British knife-making on the map.At the outset of the project, we came to realise that there is no such thing as the perfect knife; there is only your perfect knife. As such, we designed four different knives, varying in weight, shape and size, and wholly customisable for LANSERRING clients. With one for each member of the family, the final set is perfect for spending a slow Sunday at home preparing a roast dinner together.

In this shared experience, families can pass on their appreciation of cuisine and craftsmanship to the next generation.The final design is a striking departure from the permanent collection at Savernake Knives. Alongside their specialist team we sourced durable, high performance materials that align with the classic LANSERRING luxe aesthetic. On the handle, a burnt caramel mopane hardwood from Mozambique pairs with an inky African blackwood. The moment of balance is pinpointed with a minimalistic brass embellishment. The blade is made from PVD coated Swedish Sandvik steel, achieving a muted champagne gold tone.

Any of these knives can be customised to your own preferences, whether that be exact colour matches, material palette alignment, or preferred blade weight and shape. Across the cheek of the blade, finely etched lines form amorphous sculptural shapes that appear to suggest whirling winds. In fact, when the full set of knives are laid flat together, a complete image forms: a topographical map of Riegersburg, the Austrian ancestral home of LANSERRING.The LANSERRING X SAVERNAKE KNIVES collection is the perfect accent to your kitchen: the final flourish to a complete composition. To acquire your own, please get in touch here.