November 28th, 2021


Custom design, custom craftsmanship: each entry in our portfolio tells its own story about the tastes and lifestyle of our clients. How do you want to live?

The Power of Light  

November 22nd, 2021

LANSERRING connects innovative design with excellence in craftsmanship.

Our network of suppliers and specialists, colleagues and collaborators is paramount. As masters of our own crafts within custom joinery and furniture, we hold a deep respect for other craftspeople and artisans. Where our specialisms interact, a beautiful opportunity for collaboration is revealed.

Our celebrated installation at the LANSERRING New York Gallery created a challenging set of demands on its lighting system. We knew there was only one lighting design team who could match the subtlety and finesse of our furniture: Xavio Design.

The team at Xavio created a finely calibrated bespoke lighting system that compliments and elevates our own installation. We chatted to Xavio’s Design Director, Rebecca Richards to hear about her experiences working with LANSERRING and about the design she and her team created for us …

Please would you introduce Xavio Design – who are you and what do you do?
Xavio Design is a dedicated super-prime lighting design consultancy. We are passionate about light and see lighting design as an art and a science. Working on a wide range of ultra-exclusive properties in the residential and hospitality sectors, we continually strive to raise the bar of lighting design and to enhance our projects with inspiration, expertise and superior product sourcing. We work with clients for whom perfection is key, and we take enormous pride in delivering flawless outcomes every time.


For Xavio, what is the role of lighting in an interior space?
Light is the paintbrush with which we shape what we see. A floodlit space loses all dimension, so a considered lighting design is crucial for adding depth and soul into any interior. At Xavio we take great care in designing with both light and shadow, and in a way that minimises any attention being drawn away from the luxurious interior. By retaining a mystique as to how that is achieved, the soul of an interior can truly resonate.


What can lighting do for a kitchen? A dressing room?
Lighting can make or break your experience of any room, and in kitchens and dressing rooms it has to work on many different levels. Colour rendering is key – both for appetising catering, and for true colour tones and fabrics in a wardrobe. Scene setting is also critical to ensure a seamless shift as activities change from cooking to hosting an evening soirée, or from feeling energised for the day ahead to relaxing and winding down as day moves to night.


Please would you describe your lighting design for the LANSERRING New York Gallery?
LANSERRING commissioned Xavio to replicate the brand’s ethos and atmospheric craftsmanship of joinery into the wider space of the gallery. We worked closely within their brief to transpose the warm and luxurious feel of their joinery into an holistic design. Using concealed lighting within joinery elements and spotlight tracks suspended from the exposed industrial ceiling, we were able to create a synergy which ties together the industrial setting with these elegant light fixtures. The harmony of joinery and light working together helps to create this holistic space, one that respects the heritage and passion for excellence in craft and design so synonymous with the LANSERRING brand.


What impact does it have on the experience of the space?
The result is a home experience within an industrial showroom. Prospective clients can walk off the Manhattan street into an authentic NYC building where the atmosphere exudes quality and exclusivity. This is brought forward by LANSERRING’S design and craftmanship, their traditional artisanal techniques and respect of fine natural materials. The exposed ducting and high ceilings reinforce that authenticity, creating a perfect combination of home and industrial, a beautiful canvas for the play of light and shadow.


How does it work at different stages of natural light throughout the day and the seasons?
The gallery makes use of mostly natural light in the kitchen area, allowing that natural light to flood in and bring to life the fine woodgrain and stone detailing, immersing a prospective client in how they would experience their kitchen joinery at home. In contrast to this, the dressing room area has no natural light, making it feel cosy and private. The lighting in both areas has been designed to work harmoniously with the time of day or season. With added flexibility, the user can also enhance the space on a gloomy day by increasing the lighting levels, or set the perfect mood for an evening party or exclusive event.


How did you find working in collaboration with the LANSERRING team?
The team at LANSERRING is complemented by specialist designers, master craftspeople, project managers and technicians. They are critical thinkers, and at Xavio we never like to propose an effect that isn’t possible or is compromised in real life. This made for a strong working partnership and it was an honour to be given the opportunity to work alongside them on their first US Kitchen Gallery.


Did you encounter any particular challenges on the project?
One of the most important challenges to overcome was bringing the exquisite design experience of LANSERRING to the US market using a completely different lighting toolkit. Bringing our depth of lighting knowledge into a new market and making sure it was integrated effectively via a local team with different regulations and standards required methodical communication. Through careful coordination we have together created a showroom that emphatically embodies the established LANSERRING experience with that local NYC flavour.


What aspect of the lighting design are you most proud of?
We can’t possibly separate the lighting design from that of the fine cabinetry, so my favourite aspect has to be the Pickling Cabinet. The hand-oiled slatted oak panel mimics Manhattan’s soaring towers, thrown into silhouette by the warm vertical lighting and allowing glimpses of what lies within. Concealing light sources within these fine details and against some unforgiving surfaces such as solid marble is always difficult, so it’s always a relief to see it successfully come together.


If the New York Gallery were your own kitchen, which spot would you be in on a Sunday morning?
Having been out for a morning stroll to collect some of New York City’s finest bagels and coffee, it would be time to enjoy it relaxing in the kitchen. The natural light would be shining through, the sounds of the city a reminder of the world outside. I would be looking forward to welcoming a small group of friends for a lunch which would be laid out across the island, glowing under the linear pendant light.

For more information on Xavio Design, please visit their website:

Award Win – Best Kitchen Design  

September 29th, 2021

The International Design & Architecture Awards – Best Kitchen Design over £150,000.

We are honored to be the winners of Best Kitchen Design over £150,000 at The International Design & Architecture awards

The International Design & Architecture Awards are hosted by design et al, a leading UK interior design magazine. At design et al, the aim is to commend design, recognise talent, create opportunities and to offer inspiration. The International Design & Architecture Awards offer a number of different categories covering residential architecture, interior design and product design. Shortlisted entries are presented online, and voting is open to industry professionals as well as design et al readers, clients and customers.

Shortlisted entries are presented online, and voting is open to industry professionals as well as design et al readers, clients and customers.

Pickled to Perfection  

September 19th, 2021

Pickled to Perfection

As a response to a developing client interest in understanding the provenance of a healthy diet, combating food waste and an enthusiasm for preserving food in traditional ways, we have designed a pickling cabinet for our New York Gallery. Pickling has been practised internationally for thousands of years and is thought to have numerous health benefits. 

Creating your own pickled vegetables can be fun and rewarding. We recommend experimenting with the recipe below.



500g vegetables – Such as cucumber, beetroot, shallots, radishes or cabbage

3 or 4 types of seasoningSuch as 1 clove of garlic, 1 tbsp black peppercorns, 1 tbsp coriander seeds, 1 tbsp yellow mustard seeds, 1 tbsp dried chilli flakes, 2 bay leaves, 2 cinnamon sticks, 

700ml vinegar Such as white wine vinegar or cider vinegar

100g sugar 

Sterilised jar 


Wash and chop the vegetables, then cover in 1 tbsp of high quality sea salt. 

Lightly toast the spices in a medium saucepan until they begin to smell aromatic. 

Pour the vinegar and sugar into the spice mixture, let the sugar dissolve and bring to a simmer.

Pack the vegetable into sterilised jars, cover with the hot vinegar and seal. 

Store in a cool dark place for around 2 weeks and once opened, store in the fridge.

Photobook – Making of New York  

September 1st, 2021

We’ve arrived.

The LANSERRING community is a platform offering access to world-class craftsmanship from Austria and design ingenuity from London and we’ve just opened our doors in New York. We are excited to make our mark on this wild, wonderful city.

Timber is Transcendent  

August 13th, 2021

LANSERRING style is – in its purest form – about materiality and craftsmanship.

Our designs are characterised by thoughtful layering of materials to create tactile and liveable spaces which enrich the lives of their inhabitants.

Timber is the foundation of a LANSERRING material palette. Against cool marble and metallic detailing, it introduces warmth and softness. With hand painting and luxurious oil staining, we are able to render precise shades for custom colour palettes.⁠

Timber is transcendent: it captures time in its very texture. Its subtle ridges form fascinating patterns, both geometric and chaotic, reminding us of our own strange and wonderful mortality.⁠

Here we offer a few samples of timber from the LANSERRING materials gallery, as well as our photographs of the sustainably managed woodlands surrounding our workshops from which we source them.

Sculptural Engineering: Old King’s College Island  

August 13th, 2021

Sculptural Engineering: Old King’s College Island

The natural focal point of our award-winning kitchen design at Old Kings College is the sculptural island. It is made of two distinct components: a marble cube and a timber and brass workbench.

The cube has the appearance of a solid marble block that has been hollowed out with such precision that the stone has become translucent: at the edges the marble has been bevelled to 5mm. It had to be specially quarried in Northern Italy specifically for this project so that we could deliver on this design while matching the marble to the flooring, the wall cladding and the work surfaces.

The larger component of the central island is the timber and brass workbench, which references the workbench of a master craftsman or gardener in its layout. The useful tools and utensils are laid out in bespoke handcrafted pull-out trays suspended between brass legs – a nod to a craftsman’s shadow board. In this way, the design hints at nostalgia but remains uncompromising in its ambition as a paradigm of sculptural engineering.

In the middle of the timber bench is a trough with modular inserts which offer flexible uses. The herb planter is designed for trimmings from the outdoor herb garden to be collected and brought inside, while the wine bucket and trivet complete the set. They can be lifted out of the worktop to reveal a generous ice trough, ideal for serving seafood when entertaining.

Within the island, the marriage of marble and timber was a challenging one, since a tension exists in their juxtaposition driven by the diversity of their natural origins. They are united by materiality, attention to detail and quality of execution. This union helps to nest the whole kitchen in the eclectic interior filled with art and sculpture. The island therefore feels at one with the home: the masterpiece on display in the kitchen.


In Collaboration with Studio Vero. 

A Celebration of Marble  

July 16th, 2021

A Celebration of Marble

From mossy green to splashy gold, LANSERRING sources speciality marbles directly from quarries all over the world. No two pieces are alike – much like the bespoke kitchens we design – and so for us, marble is a statement of absolute individuality.⁠

Marble adds a coolness and a sophistication to our kitchen designs. Emblematic of classical decadence, we enjoy using marble subversively: updating luxury for the new age.⁠

Many of our clients like to select the marble for their kitchen personally. They join a member of the LANSERRING team at the historic quarry of our trusted supplier. Together we are able to view the stone at its awe-inspiring birthplace and trace its unique natural veining and variations until we find the perfect piece for their home. The sense of connection that this experience inspires is the difference bespoke design can make.

Here we include some examples of marble from the LANSERRING materials gallery and our portfolio.

Solar Panels at the LANSERRING workshop  

July 2nd, 2021

Solar Panels at the LANSERRING workshop

As family business people and as craftspeople, sustainability naturally underpins our future planning. We are proud to share our recent progress on one of our most important sustainability projects.

It has been a full year since we installed the solar panels on the roof of the LANSERRING workshop in Riegersburg (completed early 2020). In the long summer days, we produced more energy than we used. We were able to store this energy for use in winter to supplement the manufacturing waste-derived briquettes we use to power the boilers, reducing our carbon footprint year-round.

Sustainability is an incredibly important part of the LANSERRING ethos. We embarked on a journey of identifying the sustainability of both our product and process from the outset. It’s in our blood: Austria as a nation is very forward-thinking, and uses a lot of sustainably-generated energy, whether hydro-electric, wind or solar. LANSERRING’s sustainable values are a matter of national and traditional pride.

The Art of Sourdough Baking  

June 23rd, 2021

The Art of Sourdough Baking

The choice to centre breadmaking in our new Celandine Manor collection was affectionate and deliberate. In conversation with clients, friends and colleagues, we’ve discovered a shared pursuit of homely rituals. In the time that we’ve been sequestered at home, and family spaces have become crowded and dynamic, peaceful practices offer moments of stillness and mindfulness. For many of us, making sourdough has become a pillar of stability in a strange time. 

Sourdough is the oldest method of making leavened bread: its origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Prior to their civilization – as early as the neolithic period – our ancestors had been making and eating flat breads. The first person to discover fermentation must have felt a sense of the divine: the loaf is transformed, given a lighter composition with an unctuous, complex flavour.

The original recipe for sourdough is wonderfully simple and remains unchanged over the millenia. It begins with a starter: a mixture of flour, water and a little sugar. Lactic acid from human hands and wild yeasts from the air settle into the mix and after a few days, fermentation brings the starter to life. Making sourdough is a symbiotic life-giving process. Treated with respect, a sourdough starter can feed families over many years. It can be shared with family and friends and passed down generations.

We are often told that meditation offers myriad mental health benefits which in turn have the power to transform our physical health and holistic wellbeing – and yet we are instinctually resistant to mindfulness practices. Our minds dance away from us when we attempt to wrest control over chaotic thoughts. However, in conversation with fellow sourdough makers about mindfulness, we realised that few of us knew what it would become for us. At first, we may have just wanted to make a loaf of bread and only later did we realise we have developed a mindfulness practice.

Baking a loaf requires the use of all your senses. A baker works with living microorganisms – they need to respond to texture, tension, scent and even sound. To create beautiful sourdough, a baker needs to be wholly present and connected with the dough. It is a sensuous, subtle and powerful experience.

Our Celandine Manor installation honours the rewarding, soothing practice of breadmaking, which, for many members of our community, has been the antidote to mental health challenges in lockdown. We are grateful to be a part of this great tradition, which has seen mankind through many a strange time.

The breadmaking island in the Celandine Manor collection is made from solid marble, into which deep bevels have been cut, giving the installation a sense of solidity and gravitas, while still feeling contemporary and clean. Reeding along the length of the island brings relief to the natural patterning of the marble and echoes the same rhythmic principles at work in the traditional panelling. A recess runs along the worktop, allowing flour to be easily swept down into the sink.