Hampstead House  

June 9th, 2020

Creating a space that feels calm and yet inspiring requires balance.

The equilibrium of textures, tones and materials are critical to the success of our work.

The simple palette we developed for our Hampstead House project explores that notion of balance, using the formal structure of straight grain oak and brushed aged brass to contrast against the lively marble and playful handle details. Although the timber is stained in rich bitter chocolate tones, the associated greens in the Calacatta Arabescata marble and the aged brass help to bring the warmth of the tones into play.⁠

In the brief, our client asked us to explore rhythm through the language of geometry. ⁠It was only the unparalleled skill of our master craftsmen that allowed our studio team to leverage light, shadow, space, angle and motion in their playful use of material and form. The fine and consistent joint lines featured across the timber panelling yield a feeling of calm order and clarity.⁠ Juxtaposed with this geometric precision, we also drew inspiration from the soft raw veining of the marble. A timeless material, it adds an elegance and sophistication to this well-balanced ensemble.

Elle Decoration Coverage  

June 2nd, 2020

Elle Decoration Coverage

In their June 2020 issue, Elle Decoration published a feature on LANSERRING’s kitchen design for the Old Kings College property. The project showcases our craftsmanship at its finest, including a masterful workstation island and a magnificent glass-fronted pantry, both pictured. Elle describes the kitchen as “a space that’s now perfectly designed for entertaining, with luxurious touches of marble and brass”.

Designed in collaboration with Studio Vero, Elle focuses on our elegant and soulful palette. We selected a deep brushed indigo veneer on the cabinets to harmonise with the craggy textures of the raw materials used. The floor and worktops come from the same block of golden Calacatta marble, echoing aged brass accents throughout the space. A sculptural theme plays across the features of this space, lending it a rhythm and aesthetic balance with its functional context and synchronising it with the eclectic wider home.⁠ 

We are delighted to feature as part of the story of this beautiful property.

Riegersburg Castle  

November 23rd, 2019

Our goal is to preserve this landmark of Styria, but also to actively shape it

Dr. Prince Emanuel vuz Liechtenstein

The Riegersburg Castle was built atop an ancient volcano, by a noble knight named Rudiger von Hohenberg, with its first mention dating back to 1138. The original structure was built as a lookout due to its unique location having a distinct advantage – only one side needed defending, as the other three sides have a sheer drop. Throughout the history of the castle, it is has offered shelter to locals during times of intense conflict.  In modern day, the Riegersburg Castle is still being used to serve the locals, focusing on entertainment and education. It has been lovingly cared for by the Lichtenstein family since 1822, and 25 of its 108 rooms have been turned into a public museum.  In 1987 the family collaborated with the Provincial government to install a permanent exhibition about witches and wizards and open the castle up to the public. Since then, they have expanded the exhibitions to include the history of the castle and its weaponry.

In addition to the exhibitions, you can see a spectacular bird of prey reception at the top of the Riegersburg Castle where golden eagles, griffon vultures, and snowy owls and many others take flight. The tavern, located near the top of the castle, provides panoramic views where you can enjoy local food and beverages, as well as a children’s playground. As the highest point in the town, the castle can be seen from where ever you are in Riegersburg. Visitors can access the castle multiple ways;

  • By walking around 20 minutes along the castle path, through several ancient archways.
  • By Panoramic lift, with breath-taking views over Riegersburg town
  • Thrill-seekers can scale the side of the mountain via ferrata 

Founders of LANSERRING, Bernd and Johann Radaschitz, grew up at the foot of this mighty castle, friends with the Lichtenstein family who own it. Its grandeur and style have been a constant source of inspiration for our bespoke joinery, since the workshops founding 1923.

Bentley x Bloomberg | Crafting Excellence  

October 31st, 2019

Crafting Excellence

Speaking to our love of family values and commitment to authentic design, we were delighted to be interviewed by Bloomberg for Bentley Motors’ latest campaign, around crafting excellence. “The Tale of Two Joiners” is an insightful interview with LANSERRING co-founders, Bernd and Johannes Radaschitz, detailing the origins around our standard of crafting excellence, and the creative exploration that is integral to our bespoke projects.


An excerpt from the article:

“The brothers’ success working with cutting-edge technology to craft natural materials at their Austrian workshop and their design studio in London’s Notting Hill, has enabled them to build two successful businesses, Lanserring and Interior-iD, under the umbrella of the Radaschitz Group. Their commitment to creating unique, precision-built handcrafted interiors has won them a growing number of clients.”


Prime Resi – September 2019  

October 2nd, 2019

Prime Resi featured our collaboration with Jenny Packham, in a recent article titled “LANSERRING & Jenny Packham collaborate on ‘transformative’ dressing room concept”. The renowned Journal of Luxury Property gives their take on the concept: “The result moves the traditional concept of a dressing room on from a glorified cupboard into something “transformative”, combining LANSERRING’s craftsmanship skills with design cues taken from art galleries, top-end boutiques – and Packham’s most famous creations.”

The LANSERRING Apprenticeship Scheme  

September 30th, 2019

At LANSERRING, every bespoke project comes to life in our workshop in Austria, where our master craftsmen have been trained to excel and achieve the highest standard of quality. Here we create unique pieces that enhance everyday life, whilst withstanding the rigours of life.

At the heart of this process are our apprentices, who are often recruited from the same college that LANSERRING co-founder and CEO Bernd Radaschitz attended. Apprentices study every aspect of the craft, learning to design and make, while working alongside our in house artisans. The workshops have been recruiting and training apprentices since it first opened its doors in 1923. It is a long-standing tradition and respected mode of education, and apprenticeships in Austria are source of national pride.

Nowadays apprentices attend college between the ages of 15 –18 years old. In intimate classes of just 15, they hone their skills whilst keeping a key focus on health and safety at all times. During their first year of study, the students are not permitted to use the machinery at all and must first prove a respect for the process and the collaboration between man and machine. Alongside this they study maths, German, English and political studies. This comprehensive learning is complimented by extra-curricular competitions throughout the school year that encourage students to engage their imaginations, empowering the new and innovative thinkers.

Upon completion of a three or four year college course pupils can go on to further develop their skills at a Masters School for another two years. This course focuses on joinery, interior design and architecture as well as core skills such as business management, sales and project management. Their final exam takes the form of a masterpiece creation created in just one week in the college’s workshop. Briquettes are made from the scrap wood produced and are used to heat the entire workshop, sustainability being integral to every project.

At LANSERRING we invest in the quality of product through the quality of craftsmen by maintaining this trusted and revered tradition of apprenticeships. Every student that works with us during their studies is encouraged to pursue their individual specialisms and is then aided in finding a permanent role suited to their abilities. Apprentices bring fresh perspective and modern trends that we can utilise and learn from to keep our designs innovative and practical for the ever the changing world. For those that continue in our workshop their training and development is a lifelong journey of exceeding excellence and perfecting every individual project.

LANSERRING x Jenny Packham – Esquisse  

September 12th, 2019

Introducing Esquisse, a unique design-led collaboration between LANSERRING and Jenny Packham united by a mutual pursuit for excellence in design and craft, to translate the emotions of the private and personal dressing space.

Inspired by the idea of crafting a space through the eyes of a creative maker, LANSERRING has joined in partnership with Jenny Packham to design a conceptual personal dressing space, centred around the united notion of Transformation, from transforming a room into an intimate sanctuary, to the physical and emotional transformation when you adorn an intricate Jenny Packham design.

Discussing the collaboration Jenny Packham said, “A collaboration to create a wardrobe inspired by my brand and the detail of my work was an exciting proposal. LANSERRING’s commitment to cutting edge design combined with their established reputation for quality and traditional workmanship created synergy between us.” Jenny continues, “The LANSERRING designers took the essence of the Jenny Packham brands contemporary, glamourous and feminine design and developed a sleek luxurious wardrobe concept with exquisite detail and transformative features. It is undoubtedly a dream wardrobe for a woman with style and integrity. LANSERRING’s bespoke design is tailor-made, couture-style- a wardrobe of your dreams.

Graced by the feminity of the Jenny Packham brand ethos, surrounded by rich textures of the signature LANSERRING aesthetic, LANSERRING and Jenny Packham have created a space that empowers the individual. A self-assured space, designed to evoke a sense of self-confidence – where the design reflects each individual’s accomplishments in life through their eyes. The seemingly simple task of preparing for the day – whether that is for a professional meeting or for a special event – starts your transformation.

Whilst a dressing space is gender neutral, the partnership symbolises a gateway into the life of the Jenny Packham woman, highlighting the numerous roles she fulfils throughout her eclectic schedule. One-way mirrors line either side of the gallery and act as glass doors into the external boutique. Transforming before your eyes, the opacity of the one-way mirrors, controlled by the levels of lighting, create additional ambiance that is able to change and develop.

The transition from light to dark, as depicted by the drama of the two contrasting colour palettes is a metaphor for the LANSERRING and Jenny Packham partnership. The colour transforms, the woman transforms, the wardrobe transforms.

The prominent soft ivory colour palette in the main dressing entrance space and the fluted panels bordering the mirrors have beaded light motifs to reflect the intricate beading work of Jenny Packham’s dresses. The glass lighting in the ceiling has been cut into the shape of diamonds, a further nod to the ornate details in Jenny Packham’s designs. The panels are constructed in solid brass, painted and then sanded away to reveal the bright metal beneath, an abrasion technique delivering a gentle yet abstract finish. The classical panelling and fluting embody the femininity in Jenny Packham’s designs with a transitional architectural edge echoing LANSERRING’s master craftsman heritage and innovative engineering brought to life vividly by the juxtaposition of the two spaces.

Step through the pivoting opaque mirrors and enter into the rich, deep green enfold of the boutique. Contemporary and strong, the design embodies LANSERRING as an authority in bespoke craftsmanship. Bold brass metal work and deep shelving accented with metallic detailing create a distinct language and ambience. The rich green, with its deep tones, is the perfect backdrop to the breathtaking beauty of the Jenny Packham dresses, hanging delicately from the overhead rails and surrounded by rich timber textures oiled with brass.

How the Jenny Packham woman transforms through her daily dressing routine forms the fundamental basis for the layout of her dressing room – with each section compartmentalised according to the different facets of her life, whether it be a spectacular gown or a priceless heirloom hidden away in a purposefully integrated keepsake drawer.

The name for the concept – Esquisse – derives from the Age of Enlightenment. Drawing from the era’s importance of equality, the spirit of transformation dovetails effortlessly to reflect the motivation behind the partnership. Esquisse is not just a place to hang your clothes, to dress and undress, it is a self-confident and self-assured space, reflecting the owner. A statement of success through their own eyes. Esquisse is the first seminal text that started opening the doors to these transformative ideas.

Hands On Gin by Gölles  

July 19th, 2019

The town of Riegersburg, where our workshops are located, is known as a burgeoning center of excellence for craftsmanship. This is beautifully demonstrated by Gölles, our local distillery, specialising in fine spirits and vinegar. We recommend trying a “Hands on Gin Negroni” this summer.


  • 30 ml Hands On Gin by Gölles
  • 30 ml Gölles Edelbitter
  • 30 ml vermouth
  • Dash of Soda
  • Ice cubes
  • Lemon zest

Mixology method:

  1. Stir together gin, bitters and vermouth in a large glass with lots of ice
  2. Strain through a sieve into an old-fashioned glass
  3. Garnish with orange or lemon zest.

LANSERRING Company Retreat  

July 9th, 2019

The LANSERRING London team traveled to Austria at the beginning of July for our annual company retreat. We visited the picturesque region of Riegersburg and explored its beautiful surroundings. We were able to spend some quality time with our colleagues at the workshop, and learn about the exciting expansion plans.

This was then followed by a peaceful day of hiking around the rich green valley of Teichalm where we met the locals and enjoyed typical Austrian delicacies. Plenty of treats, team adventures and good memories, all contributed to our fantastic company retreat experience and reminded us of how special our team is!

Financial Times | How To Spend It – June 2019  

June 27th, 2019

LANSERRING is delighted to be featured in the Financial Times – How to Spend It. The talented Katrina Burroughs penned a fantastic piece on theatrical kitchens made for entertaining. Our Design Director Alex Beaugeard shares his thoughts on creating a memorable experience in the kitchen.