Robb Report – June 2019  

June 13th, 2019

Hot on the heels of our trip to New York, it is great to be featured in this month’s Robb Report with a great article penned by Jemima Sissons. The Robb Report is the last word in global luxury and it is a privilege to be included in this edition.

Tempus Online – May 2019  

June 1st, 2019

Tempus Online recently featured The Delancey Collection with an article titled “How kitchen design brand Lanserring is revolutionising family life in the home”.  Digital Editor, Michelle Johnson, talks about how LANSERRING as a brand is changing family life within the home, creating spaces that make entertaining and family bonding more intuitive and how the new Delancey concept taps into many interior and lifestyle trends. Tempus Magazine is an influential voice of luxury, offering the very best in style, travel, fine dining, and more.

LANSERRING in New York  

May 29th, 2019

LANSERRING recently visited New York to explore some intriguing new opportunities. During the busy week we met with journalists, designers and clients, whilst enjoying the vibrant New York culture.

The architectural language in New York has become synonymous with new ideas and materials, executed in fresh and inspiring combinations. Every corner of the city seems connected to the natural world by beautiful little oases of green, punctuating the sometimes overpowering build environment.

Creativity finds its voice in New York, either through the built environment itself or the way it is decorated, always often creating an unexpected mise-en-scène. Spirits are lifted when confronted with pieces of urban art on every corner.

The World of Interiors – April 2019  

April 29th, 2019

The World of Interiors has featured LANSERRING’s Addison Road project in their Kitchens & Bathrooms special. The World of Interiors was founded in 1981 by Kevin Kelly, to record the most compelling and unique homes from around the globe. Its features covering every aspect of interior design, from traditional to contemporary, have made it unique in the world of publishing. Professional designers refer to it as their ‘bible’.

“The World of Interiors does not so much fit into a market as define it. When I took over as editor my desire was to keep the title authoritative, relevant, lavish – and unpredictable. Quality and attention to detail are paramount to our readers, but by increasing the number and mix of stories per issue and by introducing new merchandise pages, I have strived to make the magazine as useful to new home owners as it is to high-flying art directors and design insiders – without compromising its originality of spirit.”

Rupert Thomas, Editor

Discover more at worldofinteriors.co.uk

The Gatsby Suite  

March 17th, 2019

LANSERRING have been collaborating with Katharine Pooley to produce a handcrafted drinks display cabinet and bar.  Located in the Turnell & Gigon Showroom in Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, the pop-up launched Sunday 10th March as part of London Design Week.

Katharine drew inspiration from the clean lines and timeless elegance of the Art Deco period, in particular focusing on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel ‘The Great Gatsby’.
“I adore the combination of luxurious materials, exquisite craftsmanship and crisp modernist form synonymous with this time,” says Pooley, “The vitality, unapologetic opulence and positive energy of this period is infectious and I draw inspiration from this era more than any other.”

For the handcrafted display cabinet and bar, we chose to work with sustainable ebonised timber for the frame of the unit, with a hand polished lacquered finish on the exterior and a satin matt finish on the interior. We sourced an antique silver mirror for the piece, which is surrounded by a trim of lightly patinated brass with a matte finish, adding further texture. The hinges we worked with were European cabinet hinges in an Onyx finish.

The Telegraph Luxury 2019  

February 15th, 2019

The Telegraph Luxury released an exclusive first look at LANSERRING’s latest project “The Delancey Collection”. Renowned design & interiors journalist Jessica Doyle, explores the revolutionary features The Delancey has to offer and how it can enhance family life. Also, Doyle includes quotes from LANSERRING Design Director, Alex Beaugeard, where he explains hi thinking behind the concept.

You can read more about The Delancey Collection here.

To read the full article from Telegraph Luxury visit The Times.

The Delancey Collection  

February 14th, 2019

At LANSERRING, our design process and journey always begins as a response to our clients’ individual lifestyles, needs and desires. We wanted to create an authentic design that allows life to flourish, uninterrupted; a space that embraces the day-to-day and spontaneous moments cherished by families.

At the heart of The Delancey design is the 10-metre run of solid marble worktop, flowing from the pantry, to the main kitchen, to the outdoor terrace. The run is punctuated only by steel-framed screening, providing a continuous living space that creates and maintains connection between each member of the home.The central island in The Delancey embodies this vision. Appearing first as a hollowed-out block of solid marble, lined with almond gold and with timber drawers sunk into the facia, the island elevates the craft of cooking through its materials, whilst delivering a practical space through its innovative design.

The workbench atop the island, inspired by a traditional butcher’s block and crafted from bamboo, is deliberately cantilevered off a marble cube to create levity in the space. The bench is as elegant as it is practical, creating a calm order to tableware storage. A self-draining trough in the middle of the island can be adapted to suit the tastes and lifestyles of each individual family. The modules within the trough could hold a herb garden, a trivet for presenting a roast or a champagne ice bucket for marking an occasion.The island workbench and penstock for example, are made from solid bamboo rather than timber, chosen as a fully renewable material and for its ‘self-healing’, naturally disinfectant properties. The bespoke sinks are made from solid green marble with an almond gold inset component to provide robustness and contrast.

The Delancey pantry area once again draws on traditional inspiration and is a contemporary interpretation of the butler’s pantry. Situated in the north side of the space and clad in marble to manage the ambient temperature, this area houses all of the storage of dried goods, perishables and kitchen hardware, allowing the main kitchen layout to be uncompromised and free of additional storage. For the pantry, LANSERRING developed a series of bespoke labelled handles for the drawers, originally used in Victorian map chests and apothecary cabinets.

The Delancey kitchen concept extends onto the terrace, with an al fresco worktop clad in honed marble and coated with ground-breaking PVD nano-technology to ensure that the surface remains undamaged from water stains. The outdoor kitchen again incorporates practical storage with playful, innovative elements including a bespoke BBQ grill and beer trough with tap.

Prime Resi – January 2019  

January 25th, 2019

PrimeResi.com, is a luxury property journal, exploring news, opinion & insight for the UK’s prime residential sector. Primeresi.com interviewed LANSERRING Co-founder and Director, Bernd Radachitz, the article can be read here.


Great British Brands 2019  

January 25th, 2019

Great British Brands is an annual directory created by Country & Town House.

Great British Brands is dedicated to supporting British luxury and celebrating the very finest products and services that the UK has to offer. LANSERRING has been featured alongside some of Britain’s most famous brands from Ascot to Aston Martin and Boodles to Burberry. If you would like to read the feature or learn more about Great British Brands, visit their website here.

The LANSERRING Brand Essence  

December 5th, 2018

We traveled to our workshops in Riegersburg, where all Lanserring furniture is made to showcase the craftsmanship at the heart of what we do.
We have made the journey with many of our clients, to see their bespoke pieces come to life but for those who have not yet had the chance to visit we have captured the essence of our workshops and the region on film.

We worked with the wonderful team at Fluoro to create a film that captured the innovation, quality and materials that is integral to what we do.

The first in the three-part film focuses on our expertise with metal. Watch below for the Essence of LANSERRING.