Food as Art


The Fourth Wall is a new take on the six traditional zones of the early kitchen – the butler’s pantry, food larder, wine store, pastry counter, pot stand and open fire

Intelligent glass surfaces switch seamlessly between transparent and opaque, inviting us inside the larder, butler’s pantry and wine store before transitioning to opaque as required

The technology drawer is the place to store and charge your devices. Connect your tablet and display its content as interactive images on the glass walls of the space – perfect for following recipes while keeping your device clean and safe in the drawer

Renewed interest in food provenance and healthy eating has made us all consider the quality of the ingredients we use rather than just the finished dish. The larder keeps these ingredients fresh with humidity and temperature control and also illuminates its contents beautifully so that we cook surrounded and inspired by our ingredients

The Fourth Wall Kitchen

The Fourth Wall is a place where gastronomy, creativity and interior design come together – with inspiring results. The concept explores the journey of food, from the way it is grown to how it is stored, prepared and consumed, and was created by Lanserring founders Andrew Hays and Kimm Kovac for Poggenpohl and Electrolux Grand Cuisine. Drawing on their background within the performing arts arena, Hays and Kovac reimagine food as art and cooking as theatre, with the activities within the space unfolding like the acts of a play.

Launched with a series of intimate dining experiences, The Fourth Wall kitchen was christened by Michelin-starred chefs Magnus Nilsson and Nuno Mendes. It was awarded several gongs including a Red Dot Award for design concept, an iF Award for design, and a Plus X Award for best product. ‘What makes his [Andrew Hays’] kitchen so instantly desirable is its blend of drama […] and functionality,’ said Lucia van der Post in the Financial Times’ How To Spend It. ‘The Fourth Wall is a new and tremendously exciting trailblazer for the brand. One that dreams are made of.’




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