Crafted from a single block of wood


A key requirement for our client, and avid forager, was to house all of her tools in a highly practical and beautiful way

Foraging in the surrounding forests and downs, our client also tends to a walled garden, bees and a small orchard

Carved from a single block of sustainable walnut

Sculpted using computer-aided cutting technology

Hand finished for a perfect fit

The making of our signature drawer box

At Lanserring, there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ designs – every commission is created as a response to client and context. Our signature drawer box is a wonderful example of this philosophy: designed around our client’s specific needs and desires, it tells a very personal story.

The recipient of the drawer box lives in Wiltshire and has a strong connection to the land. A keen forager, she also tends a vegetable garden and a small orchard, keeps bees and has a nanny goat called Jemima. She arrived at our first design meeting with a box containing her favourite foraging tools; it was immediately obvious to us that this was the starting point for our design.

As part of her new kitchen, we created a bespoke organisation system that reflects the important role these tools play in our client’s life. Carved from a single block of sustainable walnut, the presentation box contains precision-cut apertures into which the foraging implements slot neatly. To ensure a snug fit, we transferred the sizes and proportions of each item into our drawing system; the block of wood was then sculpted using computer-automated cutting technology before being finished by hand. We even added to her collection with a Lanserring mushroom-foraging knife, designed especially for her as a surprise.

Her kitchen had not been updated for 25 years, so for our client this was a dream come true – a new space that is both inspirational and practical, designed around the things and the people that matter to her; the symbolic and structural heart of the home. She couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results!



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