INTERVIEW | Mr Super Prime – Daniel Daggers

Recognised as one of London’s leading luxury real estate agents, Daniel Daggers has earned the nickname #MrSuperPrime. Daniel’s outstanding reputation is built on his in-depth industry expertise and passion for build long-lasting relationships. His sales to date total $4 billion and he is currently Partner of Knight Frank’s London Super Prime Team.

INTERIOR-iD, our sister brand, has produced the fifth edition of The Journal, featuring an exclusive quick-fire interview with Daniel.

  1. Your favourite room

My Bathroom. It is the most serene, peaceful, calming and relaxing environment, where I am able to escape from my phone and the rest of the world.

  1. The books on your bedside table

It may sound terrible, but I don’t read books as I tend to absorb my information through podcasts because I feel they resonate better for me personally.

  1. A movie you saw recently

Avengers: End Game. I am a Marvel comic fan. It is my moment of escapism and I love it.

  1. The sight that inspires you

The Sky. We spend so much time looking down at our phones and the sky is such a wonderful reminder of the special place we live in.

  1. Your favourite restaurant

Le Cochonnet in Maida Vale. It’s my local, I have been going there for decades because the pizzas are awesome!

  1. The last music you bought

I do not buy music, I stream it. I love old school R&B and Hip Hop… anything that takes me back to the old school.

  1. Your favourite shop 

The Apple Store in Regent Street. I think the space is extremely inviting and it is the cutting edge of technology. It gives you a clear idea on where the world is moving whilst their staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Besides, the “Genius” concept does make me giggle!

  1. Your career in a parallel universe

I would be a professional football player. I am an Arsenal fan. Your football team is like your blood group, you cannot change it. At least, that is what my dad told me!

  1. An indulgence you would never forego

Either Tiramisu or my Berluti shoes, depending on the day.

  1. Your greatest extravagance

I like to travel in style. I love Boutique Hotels and appreciate comfort and efficiency when travelling.

  1. Your favourite journey

I used to travel to football matches with my dad and I love the memories of that bonding experience when I look back.

  1. When do you lie

Sometimes I lie to myself when I want to believe the world is a meritocracy, (but thankfully, I think it is going that way).

  1. Your great regret

Not asking a girl out when I was 19.

  1. When and where are you happiest

When I am inspiring others, or when others are inspiring me.

  1. The talent you would most like to have

I wish I could sing, (well). I can rap but would love to be able to sing like Nat King Cole. What a voice!

  1. What would you change about yourself

I wish I were less idealistic.

  1. Your most treasured possession 

My house key.

  1. You’re most marked characteristic


  1. Your hero in life

“Me in the future” to quote actor Matthew McConaughey after he received the Oscar for his role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club in 2013, (the video can be seen on Youtube)

  1. Your motto 

Be good. Do good. Feel Good.

The Journal 5 can be read here in full.

For more information about Daniel Daggers, visit his Instagram page.



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