The Secret Mark of Quality and Authenticity

Secret Maker's Mark

A single door badge within your space opens to reveal a card of authenticity, engraved with the details of your project
Secret Maker's Mark

The concealed cavity also houses a memory drive that contains a support copy of the handover manual you will receive on completion of your installation
Secret Maker's Mark

Every Lanserring commission holds a secret maker’s mark

A Master craftsman has signed every piece of furniture that has left the workshops since 1923. Each Lanserring product includes a secret maker’s mark, visible only to those who know where to look!

A secret mechanism within a door badge opens to reveal a card of authenticity, containing details of the project. Additionally, the concealed component also houses a memory drive containing a copy of the kitchen handover manuals. Throughout the lifetime of the Lanserring product, all information will be kept on record.



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