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A Century of Millwork – A New York Celebration

Celebrating a century of craftsmanship, LANSERRING has always embraced the symbiotic relationship between art and design.

We have cultivated a holistic approach that weaves through the tapestry of creativity, collaborating with a diverse array of artists, from designers and architects to artisans, visual artists, musicians, and dancers. In our latest video, which features the talents of  The Knights, Pam Tanowitz Dance, Thomas Schauer and Taste in Motion, we showcase a visual celebration of our artistic endeavors.

The performance is an ode to this holistic approach, finding its stage in a place that resonates with the heart of every home—the kitchen in our New York show space. Much like the artists who inspire us, we explore the transformation of materials and their multifaceted applications.

Delving deeper into the layers of our artistic creation, we draw parallels between our roles in composing, designing, constructing and making.

In an unexpected move, we take this intimate performance from inside our creative haven and bring it to the world outside. At Lanserring, we’re proud to support our inspiring collaborators and to also be supported by their extraordinary talent. This journey, alongside world-class artists based in New York, reveals the raw evolution of ideas and feelings as they intertwine and shape a concept. Through this process, we’ve come to understand and appreciate each other’s crafts, transcending boundaries and uplifting everyone involved, be it creators or spectators.


“How are music and design connected. I would say that you’re dealing with a set number of variable elements. Whether it’s stone or wood or of sound or movement.” – Colin Jacobsen, Co-Artistic Director of The Knights.

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