Homes & Gardens Editoral Feature

Refined Larder Concept’s

Homes & Gardens journalist Linda Clayton has kindly acknowledged the merits of LANSERRING’s Pickling Cabinet, describing it as an exquisite piece of living room furniture inspired by larder designs. In her recent article, Clayton appreciates the seamless integration of culinary storage and interior design, highlighting our dedication to crafting functional art objects.

The Pickling Cabinet, meticulously handcrafted using a combination of American walnut, patinated brass, and marble, stands as a testament to our commitment to creating exceptional pieces. Its sleek, slatted sliding screens offer glimpses into the illuminated internal spaces, captivating observers with its understated elegance and meticulous attention to detail.

Clayton specifically admires the small shelves incorporated within the cabinet, which not only serve as practical storage spaces but also present captivating platforms for each pickling jar. This unique design element adds a touch of sophistication and ensures that the cabinet showcases its contents as individual works of art.


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