Featured in The Times: The Fromagerie Cabinet

The Fromagerie Cabinet

Interiors Editor for The Times, Katrina Burroughs, graciously included LANSERRING’s design for a bespoke fromagerie cabinet in her recent article covering high end interiors trends.

We were delighted to be consulted about our observations of our market and very proud to share this design. Speaking to The Times, LANSERRING’s Alex Beaugeard explained “We were asked by a London client to explore the perfect conditions for maturing cheese prior to consumption.”

The fromagerie cabinet is a stone-clad environment, which keeps the contents a few degrees cooler than room temperature due to the thermal mass of stone. We lined the enclosure with tiles of Himalayan rock salt because it helps to remove moisture from the environment thus accelerating the development of the flavours and textures in the cheese. Backlighting filters through the rock salt, creating a soft pink glow.

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