LANSERRING x Jenny Packham – Esquisse

Introducing Esquisse, a unique design-led collaboration between LANSERRING and Jenny Packham united by a mutual pursuit for excellence in design and craft, to translate the emotions of the private and personal dressing space.

Inspired by the idea of crafting a space through the eyes of a creative maker, LANSERRING has joined in partnership with Jenny Packham to design a conceptual personal dressing space, centred around the united notion of Transformation, from transforming a room into an intimate sanctuary, to the physical and emotional transformation when you adorn an intricate Jenny Packham design.

Discussing the collaboration Jenny Packham said, “A collaboration to create a wardrobe inspired by my brand and the detail of my work was an exciting proposal. LANSERRING’s commitment to cutting edge design combined with their established reputation for quality and traditional workmanship created synergy between us.” Jenny continues, “The LANSERRING designers took the essence of the Jenny Packham brands contemporary, glamourous and feminine design and developed a sleek luxurious wardrobe concept with exquisite detail and transformative features. It is undoubtedly a dream wardrobe for a woman with style and integrity. LANSERRING’s bespoke design is tailor-made, couture-style- a wardrobe of your dreams.

Graced by the feminity of the Jenny Packham brand ethos, surrounded by rich textures of the signature LANSERRING aesthetic, LANSERRING and Jenny Packham have created a space that empowers the individual. A self-assured space, designed to evoke a sense of self-confidence – where the design reflects each individual’s accomplishments in life through their eyes. The seemingly simple task of preparing for the day – whether that is for a professional meeting or for a special event – starts your transformation.

Whilst a dressing space is gender neutral, the partnership symbolises a gateway into the life of the Jenny Packham woman, highlighting the numerous roles she fulfils throughout her eclectic schedule. One-way mirrors line either side of the gallery and act as glass doors into the external boutique. Transforming before your eyes, the opacity of the one-way mirrors, controlled by the levels of lighting, create additional ambiance that is able to change and develop.

The transition from light to dark, as depicted by the drama of the two contrasting colour palettes is a metaphor for the LANSERRING and Jenny Packham partnership. The colour transforms, the woman transforms, the wardrobe transforms.

The prominent soft ivory colour palette in the main dressing entrance space and the fluted panels bordering the mirrors have beaded light motifs to reflect the intricate beading work of Jenny Packham’s dresses. The glass lighting in the ceiling has been cut into the shape of diamonds, a further nod to the ornate details in Jenny Packham’s designs. The panels are constructed in solid brass, painted and then sanded away to reveal the bright metal beneath, an abrasion technique delivering a gentle yet abstract finish. The classical panelling and fluting embody the femininity in Jenny Packham’s designs with a transitional architectural edge echoing LANSERRING’s master craftsman heritage and innovative engineering brought to life vividly by the juxtaposition of the two spaces.

Step through the pivoting opaque mirrors and enter into the rich, deep green enfold of the boutique. Contemporary and strong, the design embodies LANSERRING as an authority in bespoke craftsmanship. Bold brass metal work and deep shelving accented with metallic detailing create a distinct language and ambience. The rich green, with its deep tones, is the perfect backdrop to the breathtaking beauty of the Jenny Packham dresses, hanging delicately from the overhead rails and surrounded by rich timber textures oiled with brass.

How the Jenny Packham woman transforms through her daily dressing routine forms the fundamental basis for the layout of her dressing room – with each section compartmentalised according to the different facets of her life, whether it be a spectacular gown or a priceless heirloom hidden away in a purposefully integrated keepsake drawer.

The name for the concept – Esquisse – derives from the Age of Enlightenment. Drawing from the era’s importance of equality, the spirit of transformation dovetails effortlessly to reflect the motivation behind the partnership. Esquisse is not just a place to hang your clothes, to dress and undress, it is a self-confident and self-assured space, reflecting the owner. A statement of success through their own eyes. Esquisse is the first seminal text that started opening the doors to these transformative ideas.

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