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Solar Panels at the LANSERRING workshop

Solar Panels at the LANSERRING workshop

As family business people and as craftspeople, sustainability naturally underpins our future planning. We are proud to share our recent progress on one of our most important sustainability projects.

It has been a full year since we installed the solar panels on the roof of the LANSERRING workshop in Riegersburg (completed early 2020). In the long summer days, we produced more energy than we used. We were able to store this energy for use in winter to supplement the manufacturing waste-derived briquettes we use to power the boilers, reducing our carbon footprint year-round.

Sustainability is an incredibly important part of the LANSERRING ethos. We embarked on a journey of identifying the sustainability of both our product and process from the outset. It’s in our blood: Austria as a nation is very forward-thinking, and uses a lot of sustainably-generated energy, whether hydro-electric, wind or solar. LANSERRING’s sustainable values are a matter of national and traditional pride.

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