Celandine Manor

Celandine Manor showcases LANSERRING’s signature materiality and craftsmanship in a new emotional language. This is a calm, mesmeric space for spending time with family and loved ones. It soothes and comforts; it is a sanctuary.

To create the feeling of simplicity, the installation at Celandine Manor is finely detailed. The main elevation presents as a traditional panelled wall which has been carved into, appearing to reveal solid marble. To preserve the clean line of the marble over the hob, the extractor fan has been recessed into the stone. The effect is repeated in the architraves of the walkways to the wine room, left, and the preparation kitchen, right. The intense scrutiny of our master craftsman creates the most effortless finish.

The preparation kitchen exists to preserve the calm of the main kitchen. Unsightly appliances, tupperwares and washing up can be kept out of sight while the main island and cooking zone feel like art installations. Here you have the visual freedom and space to be calm and enjoy the space you’re in. Spend time as a family: chatting, reading or playing games untroubled by the clutter of a hardworking kitchen.