Knightsbridge Place

Knightsbridge Place is an intimate, soothing space where pleasure is taken in the daily rituals of the home.

It speaks to the intent behind our design that its focal feature is a humble utility sink, made for handwashing and dying fine fabrics and clothes. Formed from custom quartz and finished with aged brass hooks for tools, the sink speaks to the humility and simplicity of the space.

At the end of the kitchen is a lightwell, meaning that the space is filled with soft light despite being in the half basement. We responded to this architectural effect in our design: our cabinetry uses an oak veneer with a soft cocoa sheen, contrasted against the cool brightness of marble worktops and splashbacks. As such, there is a sense of connection and consistency to the final product.

The kitchen at Knightsbridge Place offers privacy and sanctuary to our clients, who sought to feel soothed here. They were drawn to LANSERRING for the tactility and craftsmanship of our designs, and did not desire opulent focal features. We provided furniture which declined to take centre stage and we concealed small appliances from view. As a result, an ostensible sense of calm and balance is created by excellence in craft, meticulous detailing, and precision.