Ladbroke Grove Townhouse

At Ladbroke Grove Townhouse, LANSERRING craftsmanship retreats to the background of this soothing, balanced, well-proportioned space. It shows the principles of harmony and balance at work: the relationship of horizontal and vertical surfaces of the marble is repeated but flipped between the cooking space and the principle elevation on the island. The eye feels comfortable in this space.⁠ At the back of the sink, we have lowered a herb planter into the window sill. It takes an awkward space and makes sense of it; in the natural light, the plants will thrive. Their presence blurs the boundary of outside and inside in this home’s urban setting.⁠ Texture and materiality are given space to express themselves in the kitchen at Ladbroke Grove Townhouse. The back of the hob area is a single slab of marble which has then been cut into for the shelves, allowing the grain to run naturally. There is a clear sense of its having been crafted, not assembled.⁠