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The LANSERRING Scent by Soveral

The LANSERRING Scent by Soveral

In an exclusive bespoke blend by Soveral, we are delighted to announce the new LANSERRING scent. When we first embarked on a journey to embody LANSERRING in a scent, we discovered a natural synergy with Soveral. We share a deeply-held respect for the principles of craftsmanship and the natural materials with which we work. Our new fragrance is a luxurious celebration of this ethos. Freshly cut timber, clean smooth marble, and natural wood oils are brought to life by artisanal excellence.

We gave master perfumer Alexandra Soveral an interesting creative challenge when we commissioned the LANSERRING scent. We wanted to evoke the Austrian heritage of our brand and the raw materials of our designs, both whilst complimenting the aromas of food cooking in the kitchen. She rose to the task with the true grace of a craftperson and created a scent that captured the LANSERRING soul.

The master perfumer blended fresh woody oils of cypress and fragonia with earthy notes of vetiver, evoking the natural woodland that surrounds our workshop in Riegersburg.

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