Riegersburg Castle

Our goal is to preserve this landmark of Styria, but also to actively shape it

Dr. Prince Emanuel vuz Liechtenstein

The Riegersburg Castle was built atop an ancient volcano, by a noble knight named Rudiger von Hohenberg, with its first mention dating back to 1138. The original structure was built as a lookout due to its unique location having a distinct advantage – only one side needed defending, as the other three sides have a sheer drop. Throughout the history of the castle, it is has offered shelter to locals during times of intense conflict.  In modern day, the Riegersburg Castle is still being used to serve the locals, focusing on entertainment and education. It has been lovingly cared for by the Lichtenstein family since 1822, and 25 of its 108 rooms have been turned into a public museum.  In 1987 the family collaborated with the Provincial government to install a permanent exhibition about witches and wizards and open the castle up to the public. Since then, they have expanded the exhibitions to include the history of the castle and its weaponry.

In addition to the exhibitions, you can see a spectacular bird of prey reception at the top of the Riegersburg Castle where golden eagles, griffon vultures, and snowy owls and many others take flight. The tavern, located near the top of the castle, provides panoramic views where you can enjoy local food and beverages, as well as a children’s playground. As the highest point in the town, the castle can be seen from where ever you are in Riegersburg. Visitors can access the castle multiple ways;

  • By walking around 20 minutes along the castle path, through several ancient archways.
  • By Panoramic lift, with breath-taking views over Riegersburg town
  • Thrill-seekers can scale the side of the mountain via ferrata 

Founders of LANSERRING, Bernd and Johann Radaschitz, grew up at the foot of this mighty castle, friends with the Lichtenstein family who own it. Its grandeur and style have been a constant source of inspiration for our bespoke joinery, since the workshops founding 1923.

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