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A Celebration of Marble

A Celebration of Marble

From mossy green to splashy gold, LANSERRING sources speciality marbles directly from quarries all over the world. No two pieces are alike – much like the bespoke kitchens we design – and so for us, marble is a statement of absolute individuality.⁠

Marble adds a coolness and a sophistication to our kitchen designs. Emblematic of classical decadence, we enjoy using marble subversively: updating luxury for the new age.⁠

Many of our clients like to select the marble for their kitchen personally. They join a member of the LANSERRING team at the historic quarry of our trusted supplier. Together we are able to view the stone at its awe-inspiring birthplace and trace its unique natural veining and variations until we find the perfect piece for their home. The sense of connection that this experience inspires is the difference bespoke design can make.

Here we include some examples of marble from the LANSERRING materials gallery and our portfolio.

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