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For an authentic experience, try one of the many “Buschenschänke”. These rustic restaurants serve their own wines and home-made produce. Order the local speciality, “Brettljause”, which is an assortment of cured meats, spreads, cheeses and pickles served on a wooden board

Pumpkin seed oil is a culinary specialty from the region and has been produced locally since the 17th century

Golles Distillery has been cultivating orchards in the fertile volcanic soil surrounding Riegersburg castle for four generations. They produce premium schnapps and fine vinegars that are world famous

A gastronomic tour of Riegersburg

For nearly 100 years, the Radaschitz family’s workshops have been based in Riegersburg, Austria, looking out over the volcanic rock upon which the famous medieval castle sits. Many of the woods we work with to create our furniture – oak, alder, walnut, birch, chestnut and cherry – come from the surrounding forests. But there’s another upside to this fertile landscape. It facilitates the cultivation of an abundance of beautiful produce, making the Styrian region the culinary heartland of Austria.

No visit would not be complete without a gastronomic tour of the area. Fruit-laden orchards and neat rows of vines punctuate the landscape, thriving in the rich volcanic soil. Tours of family-run farms and fromageries, vineyards and distilleries are available for those who wish. They can sample the products and learn more about the unique conditions that make these culinary treasures so special. And, for the sweet-toothed visitor, there’s always the organic bean-to-bar chocolates on offer at Zotter Chocolate Factory.

Delicacies for which Styria is known include rare varieties of apples, pears, plums and quinces; cheese and cured Vulcano ham; schnapps and fruit vinegars; an impressive variety of wines; and, perhaps most famously, pumpkin-seed oil, which is prized for its dark colour, nutty aroma and intense flavour. All of these fabulous ingredients are creatively showcased in the region’s many restaurants, which serve authentic Styrian food while also supporting local producers and keeping food miles to a minimum.

If you choose to visit our Riegersburg workshops to see your commission in progress, we would highly recommend that you take some time out to explore the epicurean delights of the area. It’s a dream destination for food lovers!




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