An Ode to Quartzite  

May 27th, 2022

The hero material of the CADENCE palette is a fascinatingly dynamic quartzite and the questions have been pouring in from our community. A frozen swirl of glittering crystals, smoke clouds and mossy scatters, this quartzite has captivated its audience and so we would like to take a moment on our Journal to celebrate its wonderful properties.

Quartzite is a durable natural stone and scores 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, putting it ahead of granite. It will not get scratched if you use a knife without a chopping board or get scorched if you place a hot pan on its surface.

As for staining, quartzite has a lower porosity than marble and so is less vulnerable to spillages. Different quartzites have different porosities depending on how much pressure they were exposed to in their underground creation, so some slabs will benefit from a seal.

Sometimes quartzite is confused with man-milled ‘quartz’. Quartzite is a natural stone made up almost entirely of the mineral quartz. The ‘quartz’ spoken about in kitchens usually means a man-milled composite stone that is also made from the mineral quartz. The difference is that quartzite is quarried in blocks, and its patterning is natural and unique.

Quartzite is a stunning natural material and has a lot to offer both the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. As a worthy alternative to marble, quartzite uniquely features a crystalline structure that adds depth and dynamism to its surface: it’s like looking at a perfectly frozen lake. You can find a vast array of colours, swirls and sparkles all telling the story of seismic pressure and underground metamorphosis. We love that it stands up to the performance demands of a functional family kitchen without losing an inch of style.

Timber is Transcendent  

August 13th, 2021

LANSERRING style is – in its purest form – about materiality and craftsmanship.

Our designs are characterised by thoughtful layering of materials to create tactile and liveable spaces which enrich the lives of their inhabitants.

Timber is the foundation of a LANSERRING material palette. Against cool marble and metallic detailing, it introduces warmth and softness. With hand painting and luxurious oil staining, we are able to render precise shades for custom colour palettes.⁠

Timber is transcendent: it captures time in its very texture. Its subtle ridges form fascinating patterns, both geometric and chaotic, reminding us of our own strange and wonderful mortality.⁠

Here we offer a few samples of timber from the LANSERRING materials gallery, as well as our photographs of the sustainably managed woodlands surrounding our workshops from which we source them.

A Celebration of Marble  

July 16th, 2021

A Celebration of Marble

From mossy green to splashy gold, LANSERRING sources speciality marbles directly from quarries all over the world. No two pieces are alike – much like the bespoke kitchens we design – and so for us, marble is a statement of absolute individuality.⁠

Marble adds a coolness and a sophistication to our kitchen designs. Emblematic of classical decadence, we enjoy using marble subversively: updating luxury for the new age.⁠

Many of our clients like to select the marble for their kitchen personally. They join a member of the LANSERRING team at the historic quarry of our trusted supplier. Together we are able to view the stone at its awe-inspiring birthplace and trace its unique natural veining and variations until we find the perfect piece for their home. The sense of connection that this experience inspires is the difference bespoke design can make.

Here we include some examples of marble from the LANSERRING materials gallery and our portfolio.

The LANSERRING Scent by Soveral  

August 27th, 2020

The LANSERRING Scent by Soveral

In an exclusive bespoke blend by Soveral, we are delighted to announce the new LANSERRING scent. When we first embarked on a journey to embody LANSERRING in a scent, we discovered a natural synergy with Soveral. We share a deeply-held respect for the principles of craftsmanship and the natural materials with which we work. Our new fragrance is a luxurious celebration of this ethos. Freshly cut timber, clean smooth marble, and natural wood oils are brought to life by artisanal excellence.

We gave master perfumer Alexandra Soveral an interesting creative challenge when we commissioned the LANSERRING scent. We wanted to evoke the Austrian heritage of our brand and the raw materials of our designs, both whilst complimenting the aromas of food cooking in the kitchen. She rose to the task with the true grace of a craftperson and created a scent that captured the LANSERRING soul.

The master perfumer blended fresh woody oils of cypress and fragonia with earthy notes of vetiver, evoking the natural woodland that surrounds our workshop in Riegersburg.